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miss A’s Suzy reaches 3 million followers on Twitter + shares selcas and an unreleased teaser image


Nothing can stop at miss A Suzy‘s popularity, even if she’s off the market!

Suzy’s official Twitter @missA_suzy has recently hit the big milestone of 3 million followers! That is a lot of people! The milestone was likely helped by the fact that she is very active on Twitter, and she continues to treat fans to beautiful selcas such as the ones below.

As a special treat, she’s even revealed an unreleased teaser image that she says “the company doesn’t even know about”, leaving us feeling like we’re on in a big secret with her.

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Congrats to Suzy!

You’ll soon be able to catch more of her and her fellow miss A members when the group make their grand return their album and music video on March 30!


Go Ara, Jung Woo, Tiny-G’s Dohee, B1A4’s Baro and more test out their chemistry in first script reading for ‘Reply 1994’


Reply 1994

The cast of tvN‘s highly anticipated drama ‘Reply 1994‘ got together for their 1st script reading!

Go Ara, Jung Woo, Yoo Yun Suk, Kim Sung Kyun, Tiny-G‘s Dohee, B1A4‘s Baro, Son Ho Joon, Yoon Jong Hoon, and more tested out their chemistry at CJ E&M Center, Seoul on the 19th. 

PD Shin Won Ho encouraged the cast and staff and stated, “We will create an entertaining drama no matter what… As we are all working together, I hope we make it fun.”

‘Reply 1997’s PD Shin Won Ho and writer Lee Woo Jung have teamed up once again for the sequel, or should we say prequel, to the hit drama. Go Ara will play the role of the daughter of Sung Dong Il – Lee Il Hwa‘s boarding house while Jung Woo, Yoo Yun Suk, Kim Sung Kyun, will play the college students living in the dorm. 

Filming for ‘Reply 1994’ will begin later this month and the drama will air in October.


EXO’s ‘XOXO(Kiss&Hug)’ maintains #1 spot on ‘Channel [V] Thailand’s album chart for 3 consecutive weeks



EXO‘s 1st full-length album, ‘XOXO(Kiss&Hug)‘, has maintained its #1 spot on ‘Channel [V] Thailand‘s album chart for 3 consecutive weeks!

‘XOXO(Kiss&Hug)’, which was released on June 3rd, didn’t budge from its #1 spot for 3 consecutive weeks on ‘Channel [V] Thailand’s album chart from June 24th-July14th. 

That’s just on top of all their other feats like sweeping six album charts in Korea back in June including the Gaon Chart, Hanteo Chart, HOTTRACKS, as well as topping Hong Kong’s HMV Japanese-Korean chart for 2 weeks in a row. The boys also ranked high on Billboard‘s World Album chart, showcasing their popularity among both domestic and international fans.

Congrats, EXO!

B2ST are ‘forever young’ with their fresh faces for ‘Geek’ magazine



B2ST, who came out of the ‘shadow’ after a year, gave B2UTYs a close-up of their fresh faces for ‘Geek‘ magazine.

 B2ST reminded fans why they’re so lovable by showing off their charisma and sculptured faces in their individual shots. 

 Junhyung, as the cover model, shared in an interview with the magazine, “You say my face changing from that of a boy to that of a man? Even if that’s the case, I want my heart to remain like that of a boy forever. FOREVER YOUNG!”


Kang Seung Yoon to release three title tracks, one of which is written by G-Dragon


Kang Seung Yoon

Kang Seung Yoon‘s long-awaited debut already got off to a solid start with the success of “It Rains“, and he’s hoping to continue that streak with the release of not just one, but three title tracks!

As mentioned before, the singer is set to release his newest track “Wild & Young” on July 31st, but according to Yang Hyun Suk‘s newest letter to fans series (currently not available in English), Kang Seung Yoon has two more title tracks to follow up with in August and September! 

“Wild & Young” is by none other than YGE’s very own Teddy, and he apparently created this song 2 years back. As the song has a different feel from other YG artists’ songs, they had been waiting for its rightful owner to come by. Kang Seung Yoon ended up being that person when he was asked to sing the first line of the song when he came into the studio to record another track. The rest fit into place, and the song became the new soloist’s first title track!

In addition to this song, there is two more on the way with the second one being released in August and the third one to come in September. The third one’s lyrics are said to be written by G-Dragon, making this one that fans’ will surely want to look out for!

As for debut stage performances, Kang Seung Yoon will hold his first one on the August 4th’s ‘Inkigayo‘, so mark it down in your calendars!

Brown Eyed Girls get together for a house party in new teaser image for 5th album, ‘Black Box’


Brown Eyed Girls

Brown Eyed Girls, who gave fans a taste of what’s to come with their pre-release “Recipe“, have now unveiled a new teaser image for their upcoming album release!

The teaser image shows the girls getting together for a sleepover in a casual setting, leaving fans to wonder if these talented ladies will set aside their powerful image and concept for a more toned-down one this time around.

Stay tuned for Brown Eyed Girls’ return with their 5th album on July 29!

ZE:A announces release date of new album ‘Illusion’ through a black-and-white teaser image


ZE:A 'Illusion'

ZE:A will make their long awaited return as a full group and unveiled a teaser image for their comeback!

The black-and-white teaser image left fans to quiver in excitement with the reunion of all the members, looking ready to take to the stage once again.
Star Empire stated, “ZE:A promoted as a 8-member group for a lengthy period due to Junyoung‘s injury, and have been promoting as subunits ZE:A FIVE and ZE:A4U so this ‘complete’ comeback carries a special significance. ZE:A are determined to become a top idol group through this comeback.” The agency also revealed the title of ZE:A’s new title track to be “Ghost of the Wind“.

As announced on their teaser image, ZE:A will return with new album, ‘Illusion‘, on August 9!