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T-ara unleashes dance version of “Cry Cry” MV


T-ara blew us all away with their dramatic music video for “Cry Cry, and they’re doing it all over again with the dance version of the MV.

As hinted in their still cuts (released yesterday evening), T-ara showed off some powerful dance moves that added a whole new level to their reputation as evolving artists.

Everything from their choreography to their wardrobe reflects a darker, more mature concept for T-ara — leaving fans in a greater state of anticipation for their comeback stage tonight.

Check out the MV below!


LEDApple releases drama version of “Who Do You Think You Are” MV!


A couple of weeks ago, LEDApple made their official comeback with the release of their newest track, “Who Do You Think You Are”, and has since been undergoing active promotions on music show programs.

After releasing the official MV of the song at the time of their track release, Startory Entertainment recently followed up by unveiling new drama version of the MV, which is a full two minutes longer than the original MV.

Check it out down below!

Onscreen Style: f(x)’s Hot Summer MV


f(x) has always caught our attention with their colorful and unique style. Their creative outfits never shy away from bright colors and patterns, and their latest music video is no exception.

Their “Hot Summer” fashion is deserving of the song’s title, as the girls wear dresses and shorts in bright neon colors that are perfect for hot weather. Their summer outfits make us girls jealous of their skinny bodies and long legs!

I especially love Victoria’s black and white zipper dress, as it’s unique with its black and white contrast and front zipper. I also love how Krystal’s polka dot blouse is slightly tucked into her shorts, as it helps show off the blouse’s flowy material, while still accentuating her blue shorts. And of course, their shoes and jewelry are outstanding as well!

However, I am not a huge fan of Luna’s fishnet stockings though, as that outfit would have looked much better without them, and would have meshed better with the rest of the group.

The best part of f(x)’s “Hot Summer” fashion is the fact that each member has their own color palette. And when they come together, the variety of colors somehow all complement each other, instead of clashing terribly. I love that they continuously show us so many different colors, patterns, and styles, all at once.

I am, however, disappointed that they didn’t choose these outfits to wear for their stage performances. The unified red outfits they wore on stage have some interesting and unconventional pieces, but their MV outfits are a better representation of the style that f(x) are known for, and I found it disappointing that they went a bit safe for public performances.

What do you think of f(x)’s music video fashion?