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Lee Hongki shares a teaser for “Noriko Goes to Seoul”


On September 8th, Lee Hongki tweeted a teaser for his September 10th Chuseok special, “Noriko Goes to Seoul“.

The plot revolves around a Japanese couple who’ve been married for 17 years. Housewife Noriko is in love with Hallyu singer Kim Hyun Je, and her cold husband, Hiroshi, and daughter Miyuki (who just hit puberty) can’t understand her. While at the hospital one day, Noriko receives the news that she has lung cancer, which leads to Miyuki telling her that she’s going to give up track and field.

Noriko hears that Kim Hyun Je will be a judge at an audition, so in order to give her daughter courage, she goes to Korea to try out for the audition. Hongki plays Kim Minha, who helps Noriko in Korea. Hongki jokingly tells Noriko to call him “My Master“, since she doesn’t know what it means, but she ends up calling him that over and over again.

Watch the cute yet heart-warming teaser below:

Source + Image: SportsSeoul Kyunghyang Shinmun and Twitter





Watch FT Island’s “Satisfaction” MV For One Piece x Toriko!


FT Island‘s newest Japanese release has been revealed to be the theme song of the anime, One Piece x Toriko Crossover!

The song is  fittingly upbeat and features a stripped down music video that focuses on the group.

Hongki’s vocals are the star in this song and the song was heard at the end of the first episode of the anime.

For a group that just debuted in Japan last May, this is a huge accomplishment!

Now…when are they coming back in Korea?


Lee Hongki + hot honey + hair…?


“Pretty boyband” FT Island is currently gaining much popularity abroad in Japan. However, on an upcoming episode of KBS’s “100 Points out of 100″Lee Hong Ki shared an interesting experience he had to go through.

Speaking about the topic of “growing patience”, the guests had to take turns sharing experiences where patience was tested.

After Miss Korea Kim Joo Ri shared her painful experience of having to remove all the hair on her body, Lee Hong Ki revealed that he had to go through a similar experience himself.

Infamous for his thick leg hair, Hongki said that he had to shave for a pictorial where he had to wear shorts. In order to get rid of his unwanted hairy legs, he had to pour hot honey from his waist to his feet and ripped out all of his hair with a single piece of tape.

After listening to Hongki’s story, Haha commented, “Only monkeys have hair starting from their waists!”, and brought the set to laughter.

This episode will be aired on January 29th.


F.T. Island’s Hongki takes revenge against SHINee’s Minho


F.T. Island’s Lee Hongki took revenge against SHINee’s Minho on the December 11th episode of KBS 2TV’s “100 Points out of 100.

The singer showed varying sides of himself on the show and fooled around with Minho during a pause in the recording session. After playing a prank on Minho, who was changing into his phys ed uniform, the two soon began play fighting until Hongki was accidentally pushed against the wall. Hongki froze with a chilly expression, leading Minho to try and apologize.

Hilariously, Hongki then farted into his own hand and delivered it to Minho in an act of revenge. Hongki eventually succeeded in ‘feeding’ the fart to Minho, causing him and Simon D, who was observing the entire scene, to run far, far away from Hongki.

Source + Photos: Newsen via Nate

F.T Island’s Hong Ki confesses he had a celebrity girlfriend


F.T Island’s Lee Hong Ki recently confessed about his past relationship with a celebrity girlfriend.

During the November 27th broadcasting of KBS 2TV’s ‘100 Points out of 100′, Lee Hong Ki confessed, “I have dated a celebrity girlfriend.” When other cast members asked if they are still going out, the singer stuttered and replied ambiguously, “Hmm, I’m not sure, *are* we still going out?”

Lee Hong Ki became bashful by this sudden confession and turning bright red, he tried to laugh off his embarrassment.

Source: Newsen

F.T. Island’s single, “So Today”, reaches 6th on Oricon chart


F.T. Island’s 3rd single released in Japan, “So Today,” reached 6th on the Oricon chart yesterday.F.T. Island’s management agency, FNC Music, stated, “All the singles F.T. Island has released in the major music market in Japan have debuted in the top 10.”

They added, “The fact that they placed 6th on a chart reserved for top artists in Japan means the same as them placing 1st to us.”

Source + Photo: Hankooki

Oh Won Bin on FT Island, his decision to leave, and his solo career


Two years after his departure from rock group FT Island, former member Oh Won Bin finally revealed his feelings about the group through a recent interview with Osen.

He said, “My departure from FT Island was something I’ve been thinking about for a very long time. Ever since our second album, I’ve always thought about trying different genres of music and began discussing it with the other members. They supported me a lot even after my exit. It was definitely not a hasty decision, and it was thoroughly discussed with both the members and the agency.”

Regarding the various rumors that began circulating after his leave, he explained, “I thought that no matter what I said, fans wouldn’t have believed me anyway. It was better to just stay quiet. Now that time has passed, however, I think I can explain myself a bit. I want to emphasize that it’s a decision I made after a lot of thought. I’m still close with my former bandmates.”

He continued, “I thought that if I left, everything would change. I thought I’d lose everything I worked for in my career as a musician. Even so, I still wanted to try something new. For the past two years, I’ve studied hard in college and practiced a lot in singing and rapping. With this comeback, my goal is to show everyone my potential as a singer.”

Oh Won Bin is scheduled to release his single, “I Love You and I Love You“, on November 11th and will be making his comeback on KBS’s “Music Bank.”

Source + Photos: Osen via Nate