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Super Junior’s next track of 2011 to be titled…?


Although we’ve heard no official news from SM Entertainment regarding Super Junior’s return to the music stage, a little net browsing by one of allkpop’s readers has revealed some details suggesting a comeback this year with an album.

The name GoodWill & MGI may not ring any bells for the average kpop fan, but the American-Finnish producing/songwriting duo makes up the brains behind numerous hit tracks in the United States and Europe.

Having opened their official website earlier this month, GoodWill & MGI’s discography page brags an impressive list of successful productions, as well as a section of upcoming songs to be released in 2011. Aside from a line-up of tracks for Justin Bieber (“Latin Girl”), Sean Kingston (“Wake Up the Neighbors,” “GO”), Lazee (“All That She Wants”) plus a collab between AkonTimbalandPitbull(“Boomerang”), the selected discography page also lists Super Junior with a track titled, “Gotcha Numba.” Excited?

Interestingly enough, the German artist Jimi Blue is also listed right below Super Junior with a track of the same title, so there is a possibility that the songright was sold to both SM Entertainment and Universal Germany.

Remember that none of this information has been confirmed by SME, so stay tuned to allkpop for further details!

Source: GoodWill & MGI’s official website

Many thanks to bopeepjuliette for sending in this tip!




Lena Park to make a comeback + duet performance with Onew


After taking a temporary break in order to focus on her academics, Lena Park (Park Jung Hyun) will finally return to the stage with a new special album! Titled “Cover Me Vol. 1“, the album is scheduled to release on November 18th, and will contain her previous hit tracks from the 1st to her 3rd album.

Additionally, during the recording for MBC’s “Beauty Concert“, Park Jung Hyun performed a duet track with SHINee’s Onew. In order to put on a stellar collaboration with Park Jung Hyun, Onew squeezed in as much time as he could to prepare for the performance, despite his already crammed schedule.

At the ‘Beauty Concert’, Park Jung Hyun performed “Vincent” as well as a swing version of “You Mean Everything To Me.” She and Onew later serenaded the audience with Jason Mraz and Colbie Calliat’s “Lucky.”

MBC’s ‘Beauty Concert’ will air on November 20th, but in the meantime, check out this fancam of the duet performance! (…unfortunately Lena is nowhere to be found in it, since the camera holder appears to be an avid Onew fan, but we’ll update later with another video!).

Source + Photos: Nate