Name: FTI, Five Treasure Island
Real Name: F.T. Island
Korean Name: 에프티 아일랜드
Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea


Name: Lee Hong Ki (Korean : 이홍기)
Birthday: March 2, 1990
Education: Seongji High School (Korean : 성지고등학교
Position in band: Lead vocals

Name: Choi Jong Hun ( Korean : 최종훈)

Birthday: March 7, 1990
Education: Shindongshin Middle Information Industry High School
( Korean : 신동신정보산업고등학교)
Position in band: Leader; piano and guitar

Name: Lee Jae Jin ( Korean : 이재진)
Birthday: December 17, 1991
Education: Seonyoo High School ( Korean : 선유고등학교)
Position in band: Bass

Name: Song Seung Hyun (Korean: 송승헌)
August 21, 1992
Position in band: Guitar,Vocal, Rap

Name: Choi Min Hwan (Korean : 최민환)
Birthday: November 11, 1992
Education: Yanghwa Middle School (Korean : 양화중학교)
Position in band: Drums

(former member)

Name Oh Won Bin (Korean: 오원빈)
Birthday March 26, 1990
Education Seongji High School (Korean: 성지고등학교)
Likely to attend Kyung Hee University in 2009
Position in band Soft Vocal, Rap, Guitar, Harmonica
Member of F.T Island
Origin South Korea
Genre(s) K-Pop, Pop-Rock
Years active 2007 – 2009
Label(s) F&C Music
Website FT Island’s Official Site


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