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Dara reveals her ‘cutie’ abs in celebration of 2NE1’s recent win


Dara Park Cute abs


2NE1‘s Dara gave a sneak peak of her new toned stomach in celebration of the group’s recent wins on music shows with “Falling in Love.” 

On July 20, Dara tweeted, “In celebration of first place!!! Revealing cutie stomach!!! I’m still in the progress of making abs… but the summer is coming to an end.. when will we be able to see the finished product? Can we see it next summer? ^___^” and shared a photo of her abs.

Dara surprised her fans by boldly revealing her full stomach which proved to the viewers that she has been hard at work toning up her body.

After seeing her ‘cutie’ abs, the netizens commented, “These kind of abs with a baby face, really daebak” and “She’s a perfect girl.”

Dara Park Cute abs


The 100 faces of Sandara


2NE1’s Sandara has recently uploaded a series of pictures on her me2day aptly titled “100 dara”. In the picture, one can see Sandara making a wide variety of facial expressions that correspond to the captions underneath based on her many emotions and moods.

Along with the picture, Sandara wrote “I tried to take the pictures as sincerely as I possibly could” and “It was touching. It was fun. I’m thankful“.

The fans that saw this picture commented “I’m amazed that she even has 100 facial expressions” and“She’s overflowing with charm”.



2NE1 throws Sandara a surprise birthday party

by heartfacee on November 11, 2010 at 11:29 pm

2NE1 members threw Sandara Park her very own surprise 26th birthday party on November 12th.

Dara uploaded a picture of the festive event on her me2DAY, and it certainly looks like all four members had a lot of fun celebrating her birthday.

She wrote, “Ah~ I’m so happy! Today, I will be able to film all night with a smile. I got cake on my face. I have to film stuff, so what do I do about the makeup? Anyways, thanks guys for making me laugh”

Happy birthday, Dara!


Source: Sports Today

Which female idol star owns the best passport photo?


On November 9th, passport pictures of popular girl group members were recently posted on an online community site, under the title, “Idol girl groups’ passport photos”.

The pictures included Sandara (2NE1), members of KARA, Krystal & Victoria (f(x)), Hyomin (T-ara), Jooyeon (After School), Sunhwa (SECRET), Tiffany & Yuri (SNSD), and BoA.

While some looked no different from their current image, other pictures showed a vast change in appearance, whether it’s because of a different hairstyle, weight loss, or their younger age.

Netizens who saw these pictures expressed positive comments such as, “They were pretty even when they were young”, “Tiffany and Victoria are goddesses”, “All of them are so pretty.”

Can you spot who’s who in these photos? Which idol has the best passport photo?

Source: Newsen