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Super Junior’s Leeteuk goes to the hospital for a check-up


Super Junior’s leader, Leeteuk, who was involved in a car accident in Singapore, has returned to Korea and was examined for possible injuries in a hospital.

On January 31st, SM Entertainment stated through Money Today Star News, “Leeteuk has returned from Singapore to Seoul with other members early this morning. Shortly after arriving, he went to the hospital to get checked up for possible injuries, and to get related physical examinations.”

They also stated, “Fortunately, it was confirmed after tests that Leeteuk was not hurt, but doctors said it would be better for him to take a break.” They added, “Heechul, who was also involved in the crash, is going to the hospital tomorrow for his turn (February 1st), but this may be rescheduled depending on his schedule“.

Source: Star News via Nate


Krystal and Leeteuk to get married?


Super Junior’s Leeteuk revealed that he had once received f(x) Krystal’s consent for her hand in marriage.

On the 30th, both Leeteuk and Krystal appeared on the MBC show ‘Enjoy Today’. On this episode, viewers were able to see the first meeting of the two members for their music project on the ‘Enjoy Ballad’ corner.

While heading to their rehearsal, Leeteuk asked Krystal, “Why did you choose me as your duet partner? Is it because you wanted to win, or because you promised to get married to me a long time ago?”

Leeteuk then reminisced back the day they first met and continued, “Didn’t you like it when I asked you to come get married to me?” To everyone’s amusement, Krystal replied, “At the time, I was scared of you so I just replied like that.”

Krystal then shot back at Leeteuk, sayingAt the time, I said that I’d get married to all of the oppas in the company. One of them even kissed me,” leading to Leeteuk’s shocked expression on screen.

What do you guys think of their pairing?

Duet “Carpe Diem”

Source: Celebrity News via Nate

[Update: Video] Super Junior wants the world to see Super Show 4


The Super Junior members were in Singapore this past weekend for the Singapore leg of theirSuper Show 3 concert tour and it finished off successfully with 20,000 fans going home delighted.

Before the second concert in Singapore yesterday, the members had a press conference with the local media where they expressed their desire to bring the next edition, Super Show 4, to cities outside of Asia. Since the beginning of their Super Show concert tour begun back in 2008, the extravaganza has been confined to mainly east and southeastern countries in Asia.

The prolific group has plans to bring a brand new Super Show 4 showcase to the rest of the world after the release of their fifth album this year“, so says band leader Leeteuk, 27, when asked to share the group’s plans and goals for 2011.

We won’t restrict it [Super Show 4] to only Asia“, he smilingly adds, during an interview with Xin MSNyesterday at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

Leeteuk and Heechul were also asked about the minor accident they got into. “As long as my fans are fine, we are fine,” Heechul coolly replied, grinning from ear to ear. Leeteuk chimed in, “In the future, for security reasons, we want fans to be careful and take care of themselves too.”

The Super Junior boys will regroup again next month for the Japan leg of their Super Show 3 concert tour from February 18 – 20th, and they will also head to the Philippines, Taiwan, and Malaysia in the coming months before ending in Vietnam on May 7th.



Super Junior’s Leeteuk and f(x)’s Krystal release duet song, ‘Grumbling’!


Super Junior’s Leeteuk and f(x)’Krystal have teamed up to deliver a sweet new song for the “Enjoy Today” ballad project!

Titled “Grumbling“, their soothing voices compliment the sweet melody and the mid-tempo beat is sure to make you sway. This song is must-hear for fans!

Check it out below:

Here are some pictures from the set of “Enjoy Today” with Krystal and Leeteuk.



Super Junior’s Leeteuk and Heechul involved in minor car accident


Members of Super Junior have arrived in Singapore for their first “Super Show 3” concert in the country. However, it looks like they ran into a bit of trouble during their stay.

On January 28th, Super Junior’s Leeteuk and Heechul were involved in a minor car accident. Both reported the incident through their Twitter pages.

Leeteuk wrote“This is Singapore..I get the feeling that it is a beautiful place..^^ I like that you are following our car..but please be careful..a 7-car rear-end accident..I almost died..ㅠㅠ”.

Heechul tweeted“Now, now, if you want to see us, then come to the stadiumㄱㄱ Everyone is being put in danger. I don’t want to be reminded of those past events ever again~”. In the past, several SuperJunior members were involved in a more serious car accident and some members had  suffered injuries.

But have no fear ELFs, both Leeteuk and Heechul are said to be fine. Super Junior will still be officially meeting their Singaporean fans through the “Super Show 3″. Heechul tweeted later, “Beautiful Singapore!! Clean Clean!! But did I take a picture of the night view or of myself–”, and posted a picture of the “night view”.

Heechul’s “night view”:


Super Junior freestyles “Sorry Sorry” on Super Junior’s Foresight program


Super Junior members Leeteuk, Eunhyuk, Shindong, and Kyuhyun hosted the December 29th edition of Super Junior’s talk show ‘Super Junior’s Foresight’ on MBC Every1.

During one of the segments, the boys were asked to “freestyle” or sing their own rendition via improvisation of their hit track “Sorry Sorry” based on the instrumentals played by the Pianist. It was very interesting to hear the different styles from each of the members, check out the segment below!

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Boyband mayhem in South Korea: Super Junior on CNN


Just yesterday, we revealed that Anna Coren from CNN’s Talk Asia program would be doing a feature series on Korea due to the country’s hosting of the G20 Seoul Summit this week.

An interview was done with Super Junior’s Leeteuk and Choi Si Won about their recent foray into social media such as Facebook and Twitter, establishing contact points with a foreign audience.

Super Junior’s cut from the program has just made its way onto the net. Check it out below!

Source: KyuMinZone@Youtube
Reporter: Anna Coren for CNN