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Super Junior’s Heechul and Ki Bum are friends with San-E


Super Junior’s Kim Heechul revealed a picture of Kim Ki Bum, who has been absent from the music industry for a long time due to other activities.

On November 4th, Heechul wrote on his Twitter, “Together with Ki Bum and Sane-E~”, and uploaded a photo of Ki Bum posing with San-E in the dark.

Fans saw the picture and commented, “I haven’t seen him in so long, this is so nice to see”, “Please upload more pictures like this,” “Ki Bum’s facial expression is so cute in this! Is he drunk by any chance?”, “Their hats are even the same!”, “Please tell Ki Bum oppa that we miss him.”

Source: TV Daily

Picture: Heechul’s Twitter


SuJu’s Heechul confirms close friendship with Jung Jun Ha


Super Junior’s Kim Heechul recently revealed a picture he took with fellow member Kim Ki Bum and actor/variety show star Jung Jun Ha.

On November 17th, Heechul tweeted, “I went to Jung Jun Ha hyung’s shop to watch ‘Radio Star’ with Yang Ban Kim~ kekeke I’m the happiest I’ve ever been!! ^-^””

While fans were gushing over the two SuJu members posing side-by-side, it was Jung Jun Ha who arrested their attention with his comical facial expression.

Fans replied, “Ki Bum oppa you’re doing well, right? T_T I love you please come back quick T_T”, “Ki Bum oppa, I’m going to wait until you come back!! ♥”, “Jun Ha hyung, your pose is a total masterpiece! kekeke”, “This is nice to see~~ ^^”.

Source: TV Daily
Photo: Heechul’s Twitter

Heechul reveals Ki Bum’s recent look


Super Junior’s Heechul revealed his fellow member, Ki Bum’s recent look on twitter yesterday.He tweeted, “With Kim Ki Bum… and Ki Bum doesn’t even know how to use twitter~ They’re all impersonators~ Minihompies and all are impersonators,” alongside a photo of Ki Bum looking contemplative.

Ki Bum has been missing in action since Super Junior’s 3rd album “Sorry Sorry,” as he hasn’t performed on stage with them because of his pursuits as an actor.

Fans who haven’t seen Ki Bum in a while posted, “I miss him so much,” “It’d be nice if you performed together,” and “Please show us pictures often.”

Source + Photo: Newsen