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UEE ranks her looks amongst After School members


After School’s UEE made a candid confession of how she thought her looks ranked amongst her fellow After School members during an appearance on KBS 2TV’s “Entertainment Relay.”

The ladies joined the show to promote their charity album, “Happy Pledis.” A question was brought up to UEE which asked her to truthfully rank her physical appearance out of the group, to which she confidently answered, “Third.

When asked if she truly thought she was pretty, she answered, “I sometimes think I’m pretty when I erase my makeup as opposed to dressing nice. I look at the mirror and think, ‘Look at you!,” causing her groupmates to burst out with laughter.

Lizzy was also asked whether she thought she was the most talked about after leader Kahi and UEE, leading her to answer, “Not at all. I think I actually come in fourth after UEE, Kahi, and Nana.”

Witty answers, ladies!

Source: TV Report via Nate


New After School member Kim Kyung Min confirmed?


Facing odds of 4568:1, one talented young lady rose above the rest to be the next member of After School.

After becoming a finalist in a public audition in which more than 4000 hopefuls tried out back in September, Kim Kyung Min (not Kim Kyung Mi as earlier reported) won out with her talents in dancing. After a few months in training, it is now official that she will become After School’s 9th member.

Although not much is known at this point, Kim Kyung Min is 17 years old in Korean age and currently enrolled in high school. Despite her age, the judges were quoted saying that they were genuinely surprised at the audition when such a young girl started dancing so well. The style suits After School who are well known for their skills in dancing.

I saw singers singing and dancing and having fun and being happy, so I started to dream that I would become a singer that could give happiness to those around me,” said Kyung Min. “Because what I’ve dreamed for has become reality, because this is just the beginning I will try my hardest to become an excellent singer.”

With After School’s comeback supposedly scheduled to be in the near future, fans can only wait to see the new girl in school. We have yet to see an official confirmation from Pledis, but we should expect an announcement of the sort soon!

Thanks to everyone that sent in a tip on this matter.

Source: Kim Kyung Min’s high school newspaper

Which female idol star owns the best passport photo?


On November 9th, passport pictures of popular girl group members were recently posted on an online community site, under the title, “Idol girl groups’ passport photos”.

The pictures included Sandara (2NE1), members of KARA, Krystal & Victoria (f(x)), Hyomin (T-ara), Jooyeon (After School), Sunhwa (SECRET), Tiffany & Yuri (SNSD), and BoA.

While some looked no different from their current image, other pictures showed a vast change in appearance, whether it’s because of a different hairstyle, weight loss, or their younger age.

Netizens who saw these pictures expressed positive comments such as, “They were pretty even when they were young”, “Tiffany and Victoria are goddesses”, “All of them are so pretty.”

Can you spot who’s who in these photos? Which idol has the best passport photo?

Source: Newsen