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TVXQ thanks BoA, SNSD, and SHINee in their “Thanks To”


TVXQ finally unveiled their first album in two years and three months on January 5th, and they left meaningful messages of gratitude towards their fellow SM artists for their constant support during their public absence.

Yunho wrote, “Kangta hyung and Min Jong hyung, who always kindly teaches me even the minor things, the know-it-all but humane BoA, the Super Junior members who own every kind of charm, the vocally talented CSJH The Grace members, the most moral men, TRAX, cute mascots SNSD, pretty Ara and Yeon Hee, awesome actor Jong Yoon Hyung, SHINee, who are no different to my younger brothers, maknae f(x), thank you all for giving me strength and supporting me.”

Changmin wrote, “To our company who sent us applauses of encouragement, and to all of our awesome, pretty, talented and kind seniors and juniors, thank you all! The most handsome man in the universe, Lee Jinki ^^ Fishing King Kim Jong Hyun ^^ Key Kibum or KeyBum, Choi Minho, who overflows with richness like a son from a rich middle-east oil company family ^^, Prince Taemin, who owns everything a man needs, and all the other hoobaes, thank you.”

Meanwhile, TVXQ are set to make their official comeback on KBS Music Bank on January 7th.

Source: Seoul Newspaper via Daum Media

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U-Know Yunho

Super Junior, charming men who have diverse colors.

Max Changmin

“Teuki Teuki Leeteuk hyung who thankfully came the music video filming set alone and cheered for us.
Heechul hyung who other people see as unusual. But if you get to know him, he’s someone who’s really a warm abnormal human.
Top star Cho Kyuhyun, my friend who has to have a dance battle with me someday^^
Kim Ryeowook, a luxury cold city man and a heavy drinker from Incheon^^
My friend Kim Kibum”

Source: sup3rJunior.wordpress.com


SHINee entertains themselves at the Golden Disk Awards


Jonghyun and other SHINee members were recently caught on fancam enjoying a light moment at the 2010 Golden Disk Awards.

Check out the cute video after the jump.

Okay okay, so I usually don’t pay any attention to these fancams, as I think they are generally for the entertainment of fangirls and fanboys of a specific artist, but I’m not ashamed to admit I let out a chortle while watching Jonghyun and other SHINee members become totally immersed in attempting to pour bottled water in a glass as impressively as possible as if they were at the 2010 Bottled Water Pouring Olympics or something.  Plus, the fact that they were doing this all while being at one of the most prestigious events in Korean entertainment just makes it even better.

A large part of my amusement comes from the fact that these are guys who sing in front of thousands of screaming fans for a living, but the sense of accomplishment Jonghyun has written all over his face after he completes the task of pouring water is as if he just invented nuclear fusion.

Besides, while Jonghyun is undoubtedly the star of the video, it’s amusing to see those around him chuckling to themselves and talking amongst each other about…pouring water.

Regardless, it’s always cool to be reminded that even idols need time to be dorks and laugh at themselves.

S.M. The Ballad debuts on Music Core with “Hot Times”


Having released their title track, ‘Miss You’, last month, SM Entertainment’s project quartet, S.M The Ballad, has finally made their debut on Music Core!

Consisting of Super Junior’s Kyuhyun, TRAX’s Jay, SHINee’s Jonghyun, and rookie Jino, the group performed another track from their new album, ‘Hot Times‘, instead of ‘Miss You‘.

This urban soul track has an R&B base that fits well with the rhythmical sound of the vocals. This love song is about thinking preciously of all the time able to be spent together and to never test one another.

Watch their final debut performance below!

SHINee’s Jonghyun to put a halt on activities due to ligament injuries


It has been reported that SHINee’s Jonghyun will be taking a rest from group activities due to his ligament injuries.

Many fans were wondering about the whereabouts of Jonghyun at SBS’s 20th Anniversary event last weekend. In response, SM Entertainment stated today,

“Last month, Jonghyun has been suffering continuous ligament pains in his ankle ever since a slight injury after a performance in Indonesia last month. Because of this, we have tried to minimize intense choreography in performances.”

Let’s all wish Jonghyun a speedy recovery!

Source + Photo: Daily Economy





Taiwanese fans make SHINee’s Jonghyun cry


At a recent fan meeting in Taiwan, SHINee’s Jonghyun broke down and cried in front of his Taiwanese fans.

But these were tears of joy, as hundreds of fans held up signs stating, “Jonghyun ah~ We will protect you.”

After the shocking news of Jonghyun and Shin Se Kyung being a couple was revealed, Jonghyun seemed to have become a bit distant and quiet, but after the tremendous support from Taiwanese shawols, we’re sure he’ll be back to his fun, outgoing self very soon.

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TV show to reveal behind-the-scenes details of Jonghyun & Shin Se Kyung’s date


After having previously revealed their relationship to the public, the Shin Se Kyung and Jonghyuncouple’s behind-the-scenes dating secrets will be revealed on SBS E!TV’s “Tak Jae Hoon Style – Weird Search Terms” on November 3rd.

The reporter that reported on the couple’s dating rumors will be revealing their date scene himself.

Their relationship was first made official on October 27th, shocking the public for being the first idol couple to confidently admit to and confirm rumors.

The reporter stated, “Being a young couple, they didn’t even wear hats as they confidently enjoyed their date in public. They did not acknowledged the reporters around them and continued on with their harmonious date.



Shawols show their support for SHINee’s Jonghyun


It has been a week since news broke that SHINee’s Jonghyun was in a relationship with actress Shin Se Kyung, and the news subsequently turned the idol dating scene upside down.

While there have been many fans who were left heartbroken, there has also been an equal number who have continued to show their support, and some in particular have caught the eye recently.

Time cures everything, and some fans have already showed their understanding towards the whole situation. Many of them posted “Kim Jonghyun, Saranghae!” on SHINee’s official website recently, in a sequence numbering over 1,500 to show their support.

Fans expressed, “Although it was a big blow, we are fine with it now, oppa fighting!”, “Seeing you with your head down on stage makes me sad,” “You have done nothing wrong, go and date without fear!”,and “No matter what people say, we will always be your fan,” showing their support.

A portion of fans also said sorry for posting hate messages which led to Shin Se Kyung’s minihompy to be shut down in the aftermath of their fury on discovering the news.

SHINee has just concluded their “Hello” repackaged album promotions last week, and are now preparing for their upcoming solo concerts in Korea this December.