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Dara reveals her ‘cutie’ abs in celebration of 2NE1’s recent win


Dara Park Cute abs


2NE1‘s Dara gave a sneak peak of her new toned stomach in celebration of the group’s recent wins on music shows with “Falling in Love.” 

On July 20, Dara tweeted, “In celebration of first place!!! Revealing cutie stomach!!! I’m still in the progress of making abs… but the summer is coming to an end.. when will we be able to see the finished product? Can we see it next summer? ^___^” and shared a photo of her abs.

Dara surprised her fans by boldly revealing her full stomach which proved to the viewers that she has been hard at work toning up her body.

After seeing her ‘cutie’ abs, the netizens commented, “These kind of abs with a baby face, really daebak” and “She’s a perfect girl.”

Dara Park Cute abs


The 100 faces of Sandara


2NE1’s Sandara has recently uploaded a series of pictures on her me2day aptly titled “100 dara”. In the picture, one can see Sandara making a wide variety of facial expressions that correspond to the captions underneath based on her many emotions and moods.

Along with the picture, Sandara wrote “I tried to take the pictures as sincerely as I possibly could” and “It was touching. It was fun. I’m thankful“.

The fans that saw this picture commented “I’m amazed that she even has 100 facial expressions” and“She’s overflowing with charm”.


2010 Allkpop Awards winners!


The first annual allkpop Awards launched this year and the voting was fierce!  With the results 100% decided by you, the allkpop readers, and millions of votes (3,652,896) – the allkpop Awards is the only true voice for international readers to have a say at who the best of the best are!

The votes are in, and the winners have been crowned, to see the winners and learn a little more about them, check out the results below..




Super Junior is the most popular Korean Idol in which South American country?


With K-pop quickly spreading in popularity across the globe, the Korea Foundation for International Culture Exchange is conducting various surveys and researching Hallyu trends in foreign countries. Recently, this organization conducted a Top 10 most popular Korean artist survey in a South American country. Which country was it?The country is none other than Brazil, which is the world’s fifth largest country and where football (soccer) reigns supreme. The survey polled 2,826 young Brazilians who enjoy Korean music and Super Junior reigned supreme with a total of 2,137 votes.

Top 10:
1. Super Junior 2137 votes
2. SHINee 1507 votes
3. Big Bang 1471 votes
4. BoA 1351 votes
5. SNSD 1310 votes
6. 2NE1 1090 votes
7. 2PM 1027 votes
8. 4minute 978 votes
9. f(x) 959 votes
10. Wonder Girls 887 votes

In addition to Brazil, youtube viewing statistics show that Super Junior has many views from countries such as France, Italy, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Poland, Russia, Canada, and Sweden.

Source + Photo: TVDaily
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2NE1, CNBLUE, and others attend the ‘2010 Style Icon Awards’


Celebrities dazzled on the red carpet with their luxurious evening wear for the ‘2010 Style Icon Awards‘, held at the CJ E&M Center in Seoul on November 17th.

The ‘Style Icon Awards’ distinguishes 20 ‘Style Icon‘ celebrities who have contributed considerably in representing Korean culture, art, and society as a whole.

The awards also recognizes those who have created new paradigms and fashion trends that have greatly influenced Korea’s current trends and styles.

Celebrities who attended the event include:

2NE1, Jeremy Scott, Joo Jin Mo, Chun Jung Myung, CNBLUE, Lee Min Jung, Oh Yeon Soo, Song Joong Ki, Seo In Young, Lee Young Eun, Park Soo Jin, Kim Jung Eun, Min Hyo Rin, Lee Yoon Ji, Kim Hyo Jin, Jung Ga Eun, Jeon Hye Bin and Han Jung Soo.

Check out some of the red carpet pictures below.








Does 2NE1’s Minzy look like a koala?


A photo of 2NE1’s Minzy at the hair salon is receiving a lot of attention on community fan sites. A fan posted the pictures with the title, “Bean Minzy“, but others are saying she looks more like a koala.The photos showed Minzy in a white gown with a fluffy hair style, and an expression that seemed to tell us she had something to say.

Netizens commented, “She looks like a koala. Keke,” “Cute. Keke,” “Is she supposed to be not pretty?”, and “If she wasn’t a celebrity…”.

Source + Photo: Nate



2NE1 throws Sandara a surprise birthday party

by heartfacee on November 11, 2010 at 11:29 pm

2NE1 members threw Sandara Park her very own surprise 26th birthday party on November 12th.

Dara uploaded a picture of the festive event on her me2DAY, and it certainly looks like all four members had a lot of fun celebrating her birthday.

She wrote, “Ah~ I’m so happy! Today, I will be able to film all night with a smile. I got cake on my face. I have to film stuff, so what do I do about the makeup? Anyways, thanks guys for making me laugh”

Happy birthday, Dara!


Source: Sports Today