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ZE:A announces release date of new album ‘Illusion’ through a black-and-white teaser image


ZE:A 'Illusion'

ZE:A will make their long awaited return as a full group and unveiled a teaser image for their comeback!

The black-and-white teaser image left fans to quiver in excitement with the reunion of all the members, looking ready to take to the stage once again.
Star Empire stated, “ZE:A promoted as a 8-member group for a lengthy period due to Junyoung‘s injury, and have been promoting as subunits ZE:A FIVE and ZE:A4U so this ‘complete’ comeback carries a special significance. ZE:A are determined to become a top idol group through this comeback.” The agency also revealed the title of ZE:A’s new title track to be “Ghost of the Wind“.

As announced on their teaser image, ZE:A will return with new album, ‘Illusion‘, on August 9!