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Heechul revisits his ‘Button Hair’ with cameos from Si Won, Ryeowook, & Kyuhyun


Super Junior members show off their witty sides in Heechul’s Twitter picture.

Remember Heechul’s button hair? Well Heechul uploaded another photo for the series with the caption, “HEEHEE & MASI & RYEONG9 & GAMEGYU.” Fans got to see Heechul’s groupmates Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, and Choi Si Won make a cameo in his photo.

Heechul is seen with his blond wig once more, and Choi Si Won dons a black tank top that shows off his muscular body. Kyuhyun, on the other hand, was seen staring the camera down with a smirk while Ryeowook posed with a cute V-sign.

Netizens who saw this photo commented, “Kim Heechul is prettier than most girls.” “Choi Si Won’s muscles are very attractive” “It looks like SuJu members are very close to each other.”

Source: TV Daily via Nate



Audience of SHINee World Concert tour in Seoul brags an entourage of idols


After successfully kicking off their first concerts in Tokyo and Seoul over the past week, SHINee wrapped up their two-day “SHINee World” concert tour last night.

Amid an audience ranging in the thousands, it has been revealed that various celebrities 2PM’s Nichkhun, TVXQ’s Yunho & Changminf(x)’s Amber, miss A’s Jia, SG Wannabe’s Seok Hoon, Kara’s NicoleWheesung, Yoo Youngjin, various members of Super Junior (Donghae, Siwon, Kyuhyun), SNSD (YoonA, Jessica), MBLAQB2ST and CSJH The Grace and SHINee’s very own son Yoogeun also attended the concert and showed their support for the pop quintet at the first and second concerts.

2PM’s Thai prince tweeted, “Just got back from ShiNee’s concert!!! Wow!!! It was the bomb!!! ^^” with the following picture:

TVXQ’s Yunho & Changmin were also caught on camera showing their support with aqua glowsticks next to SuJu’s Donghae and SNSD’s Yoona:

Members of B2ST also expressed their excitement by tweeting photos throughout the concert. Leader Doojoon exclaimed, “Everyone has come to SHINee’s concert!!! We’ll be having fun_~~~~~~” with a picture of the concert screen:

Yoseob tweeted, “SHINee’s concert made Song Dongja (Dongwoon) and my and Yoon Duda’s (Doojoon) hearts beat quickly but it satisfied us!!! I had lots of fun watching amid the shining glowsticks but I had to leave in the middle ㅜㅜ because of my schedule ㅜㅜ I’m so sadddd” with a photo of maknae Dongwoon amongst the crowd before the concert started:

Dongwoon himself then tweeted, “I went to the SHINee concert, one shot with the glowstick (?) I couldn’t watch until the end of the show because I had recording ㅠㅠㅠㅠ I learned a lot and experienced a lot, you’re so great!!! ” and posted the following photo with his glowstick:

SHINee’s beloved son Yoogeun from “Hello Baby” was also in attendance supporting his “dads” with an aqua glowstick tightly clutched in his fist. Though not an idol himself, we couldn’t resist posting this adorable photo!

Aside from the fans and celebrities that attended this concert, international fans around the globe also expressed their excitement through social networks like Twitter, making the worldwide Trending List with the term #SHINeeworldconcert.

Thanks to everyone that sent in a tip about the concert tour!

Source: Chosun, DC Gallery, Twitter

Super Junior’s Siwon expresses his thoughts on ’slave contracts’


SM Entertainment labelmates, Super Junior’s Siwon and BoA, expressed their discomfort over the usage of the term ’slave contracts’ through their personal Twitters.

On the night of December 29th, Siwon tweeted, “Again yesterday, the word ’slave-contract’ climbed to the surface .. We ran hard towards the same dream with faith and trust, I want to continue to leap forward –  I hope that this feeling of restriction & the thought of a slave-contract doesn’t surface again 🙂

He continued, “I couldn’t believe that words I never even spoke of would make the headline! ‘Currently?’ That word never came out of my mouth 😦 Don’t call us slaves. All we want to do is to be a good pop culture icon!”

BoA tweeted back, “What a respectable post!

Source: Economic News via Nate

Lee Byung Hun, Kim Hee Sun, Choi Si Won, and Oh Jong Hyuk model for ‘Andre Kim Fashion Show Tribute’


Actors Lee Byung Hun and Kim Hee Sun together with Super Junior’s Choi Si Won, Oh Jong Hyuk walked the cat walk together on November 19th at the Seoul Namsan Grand Hyatt Hotel for the ‘Andre Kim Fashion Show Tribute‘, in cherished memory of the late Andre Kim, and to also help raise funds for UNICEF, whereby proceeds will go to African children.

The outfits of the fashion show looked magnificent and very much like Andre Kim’s style.

Check them out below.


Photos: As Tagged

Choi Siwon for Emporio Armani


A few days ago, Super Junior member Choi Siwon attended a jewelry exhibition event for French luxury jeweler Cartier. He got a good glimpse of many fine jewelry pieces up close and personal, but now Choi Siwon is the one wearing the jewelry.

He’s been recruited by Italy’s Emporio Armani to endorse their Fall / Winter 2010 line of Watches and Jewelry. The specific watch that Choi Siwon is seen endorsing is a Ceramic Watch that retails for around $545.00. Check out the photos below:


Source + Photos: 韩网 + Super-Legacy.com
Tip: Lina

Super Junior’s Choi Siwon attends Cartier event


Super Junior member Choi Siwon recently attended the Cartier, The Magic of Diamonds jewelry exhibition event which was held in the Gangnam district of Seoul.

Cartier is a famous French luxury jeweler which was founded in 1847 in Paris. This particular exhibition showed off many of Cartier’s best diamonds and jewelry pieces.


Source + Photos: Osen + BNT News
Tip: Sabrina


Boyband mayhem in South Korea: Super Junior on CNN


Just yesterday, we revealed that Anna Coren from CNN’s Talk Asia program would be doing a feature series on Korea due to the country’s hosting of the G20 Seoul Summit this week.

An interview was done with Super Junior’s Leeteuk and Choi Si Won about their recent foray into social media such as Facebook and Twitter, establishing contact points with a foreign audience.

Super Junior’s cut from the program has just made its way onto the net. Check it out below!

Source: KyuMinZone@Youtube
Reporter: Anna Coren for CNN