SNSD’s YoonA promotes the use of eco-friendly handkerchiefs for ‘Innisfree’


Cosmetics brand ‘Innisfree‘ has come up with a special eco-friendly handkerchief that’s being promoted by their endorsement model, SNSD’s YoonA.

Named as the “YoonA’s Jeju Handkerchief“, the item marks YoonA’s second year in the campaign. She said, “As the model for ‘Innisfree’, I made frequent visits to Jeju Island and learned so many new things about the island. I was captivated by its natural beauty and take pride in how clean and beautiful it is. These thoughts made me determined to protect its natural environment.”

She continued, “I hope to influence people to use handkerchiefs instead of using tissues. Little actions like these go a long way in protecting our environment and keeping it clean and beautiful.”

For 1 month, the handkerchief will be included for customers purchasing over $100 USD worth of items in any ‘Innisfree’ store. Customers will also be able to win an autographed handkerchief from YoonA herself.

“Innisfree” will be releasing a limited edition version of their best-selling item, the “Green Tea Seed Serum”, of which 10% of the profits will go to towards “Jejuolle” in donations.


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