GoodWill & MGI promises ELFs a track for Super Junior


GoodWill & MGI , an American-Finnish production company that is working with famous artists such as AkonJustin Bieber50 Cent and Pitbull, has made a deal with ELF’s on Twitter regarding the production of a track for Super Junior.

GoodWill & MGI first caught the attention of SuJu fans when it was discovered that the company hadproduced a new track for the group titled, “Gotcha Numba,” set to drop later this year.

The Twitter conversation started when various ELF’s tweeted GoodWill, urging him to write a song forSuper Junior. After spending a good couple of hours teasing ELF’s and throwing the name Super Junior around in their tweets with hilarious responses such as, “Who is better — Super Junior or Justin Bieber? Tough question!!!” and “TOUGH QUESTION — What’s better: Super Junior or…pizza?!”, GoodWill and MGI have come up with a deal for all ELF’s.

In response to the flurry of ELF followers asking GoodWill to produce a song for Super Junior, he stated,“I wont forget our deal — if @goodwillbeats and @mgiproducer each get 1000 followers this wk, then we’ll make a song for SUJU fans in Feb!”, making ELF’s all around the world ecstatic.

It’ll be exciting to see if ELF’s can really pull this off! If this deal does come to life, who needs entertainment companies anymore to negotiate deals with producers?


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