Lee Hongki + hot honey + hair…?


“Pretty boyband” FT Island is currently gaining much popularity abroad in Japan. However, on an upcoming episode of KBS’s “100 Points out of 100″Lee Hong Ki shared an interesting experience he had to go through.

Speaking about the topic of “growing patience”, the guests had to take turns sharing experiences where patience was tested.

After Miss Korea Kim Joo Ri shared her painful experience of having to remove all the hair on her body, Lee Hong Ki revealed that he had to go through a similar experience himself.

Infamous for his thick leg hair, Hongki said that he had to shave for a pictorial where he had to wear shorts. In order to get rid of his unwanted hairy legs, he had to pour hot honey from his waist to his feet and ripped out all of his hair with a single piece of tape.

After listening to Hongki’s story, Haha commented, “Only monkeys have hair starting from their waists!”, and brought the set to laughter.

This episode will be aired on January 29th.



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