SNSD releases ‘Hoot’ application for Apple AppStore


Having released a ‘Run Devil Runapplication earlier this year, SNSD becomes the first K-pop artist to have their second AppStore application for the iPhone operating system.

To tie in with their current promotions, SM Entertainment has partnered with Neowiz Bugs once again for a ‘Hoot‘ AppStore application which was released on November 29th.

The FREE application weighs in at 56.4 mb, and the contents include the ‘Hoot’ teaser MV, application introduction clip, 10 images, and an ability to make your own movie poster with the SNSD girls.

But to get the most of this application, you will have to fork out USD 5.99 (or USD 0.99 for a track) to unlock all the features, which includes full tracks, MV, and more exclusive images.

To get your copy, simply search the word ‘SNSD’ or ‘Hoot’ in the Appstore, or just click this link.

Source: Apple iTunes


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