SuJu’s Heechul confirms close friendship with Jung Jun Ha


Super Junior’s Kim Heechul recently revealed a picture he took with fellow member Kim Ki Bum and actor/variety show star Jung Jun Ha.

On November 17th, Heechul tweeted, “I went to Jung Jun Ha hyung’s shop to watch ‘Radio Star’ with Yang Ban Kim~ kekeke I’m the happiest I’ve ever been!! ^-^””

While fans were gushing over the two SuJu members posing side-by-side, it was Jung Jun Ha who arrested their attention with his comical facial expression.

Fans replied, “Ki Bum oppa you’re doing well, right? T_T I love you please come back quick T_T”, “Ki Bum oppa, I’m going to wait until you come back!! ♥”, “Jun Ha hyung, your pose is a total masterpiece! kekeke”, “This is nice to see~~ ^^”.

Source: TV Daily
Photo: Heechul’s Twitter


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